A time of love (part 2: singapore) recap

The start of part 2 follows a pair of high heels, literally. While a well dressed woman Crystal (Charmaine Sheh) walks into an office building, we also see a geeky looking guy Oscar (Kenneth Ma) walking into the same building. He gets into the lift và just when the door was closing, Crystal tries to rush towards it but missed.

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In an empty office, Oscar wonders whether he should điện thoại tư vấn his mum or wash his clothes first. He decides to bởi the washing first. As he’s in the bathroom washing his socks, cleaning his shoes etc, Crystal sits down at her office. She’s looking at a wedding invitation deep in thought while Oscar goes back to lớn his desk và starts calling his mum.

He tells his mum it’s Sunday and he has khổng lồ work overtime. But he’s using this opportunity to điện thoại tư vấn her since the overseas điện thoại tư vấn won’t cost him anything. They talk about a bunch of things, mentioning his five sisters and if they need stationery, he can just steal them from the company. (This includes A4 paper LOL.)

Crystal’s phone rings. The person on the phone tells her he couldn’t make it today. Crystal is annoyed và hangs up. As she closes her eyes to think about what to vị next, Oscar starts talking loudly khổng lồ his mum.

What? I’m talking loudly? Don’t worry. The evil lady quái thú doesn’t work on Saturdays và Sundays.


And of course, Crystal heard it. She walks over to lớn his desk và asks him what he’s doing. He tries khổng lồ pretend he’s talking to a client but she just signals him khổng lồ go to lớn her office. Oscar starts to think she’ll fire him, since he has only worked there for just over three months và made a lot of long distance phone calls khổng lồ Hong Kong. He tells her he has a huge family to tư vấn so he needs the job, but Crystal just cuts him off and asks whether he’s miễn phí at 4pm. She tells him lớn go lớn Orchard Road at 4pm in a suit.


On Orchard Road, two officers (are they police officers? Someone from Singapore correct me if I’m wrong) are standing & waiting for their next ‘target’ – they’re trying to catch jaywalkers. When Oscar crosses the road just when the little man turned red, the officers catch him. Oscar tries lớn wiggle his way out of it, but it’s been a few days since the officers have caught anyone, so although one of them is also from Hong Kong, Oscar is booked.

Crystal, looking smoking hot arrives to lớn meet Oscar – of course he’s gawking! But when she sees him, she asks what he’s wearing, since it’s too casual.


They go into a high over fashion store, where Oscar tries on a few outfits. (I didn’t realise it’s now fashionable lớn be in a three piece suit but no socks?!?!)


Well, this just calls for a gif doesn’t it?! When they finally decide on a suit, the salesperson tells them it’s $5,200 SGD. Oscar thinks she will pay for it, but Crystal says since he’s wearing it & he gets khổng lồ keep it later, he should be the one paying for it. He reluctantly hands over his credit card. When Crystal sees this, she offers lớn buy him the belt but he refuses since he thinks that’s nothing compared khổng lồ the suit anyway. But when the salesperson tells him the suit costs $2,400 SGD và the belt costs $2,800 SGD, Oscar is annoyed.

After they exit the store, Oscar asks Crystal where they’re going since he had to lớn buy such an expensive suit. She tells him it’s the wedding of her ex-boyfriend. He speculates she must’ve dumped him since she’s still willing to go to his wedding. She just smiles and doesn’t correct him. But then she suddenly smells something bad… & it’s coming from Oscar. She decides khổng lồ go and buy a new cologne for him while he stands on the street waiting for her.

As he was standing, holding the bag she gave him và just getting bored in general, he accidentally hit a scary looking guy & dropped the bag. As he picks up the items from the bag, he realises they look rather suspicious…


Just as he is picking them up the two officers are also nearby. He makes up some lame excuse he’s there… resting? & the three of them just lie on the footpath… taking a nap? (I guess it’s clean enough in Singapore to vị this?! LOL.)


When Crystal returns, Oscar is getting scared about what she’s planning to do at the wedding. She tells him her ex và his bride have only met for three months, và already he bought a mansion for her. Again, Oscar tries lớn get out of it by saying his friend has an emergency, but he can’t even pretend properly since he has his phone on the wrong side when ‘talking’ on it.

They make their way to lớn another place where Crystal picks up a box. She says it’s a gift to lớn her ex. Oscar can hear a ticking sound coming out of the box and he suspects it’s a bomb… His imagination starts running weird about what Crystal will do at the wedding.

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Oscar and Crystal bump into the two officers again. This time, they’re reading a magazine with Crystal’s ex on the cover. She gets angry because the magazine called her a ‘pork chop’ (= ugly) while they described the new bride as ‘princess’. She tears the magazine apart. Oscar tries lớn stop her since there’re penalties for littering in Singapore, but Crystal is determined. When the officer takes out another two copies of the magazine, she does the same thing to lớn release her frustrations.

Eventually, the officers take them back lớn the police station for… stealing magazines? (Or something lượt thích that, I don’t think this was supposed to lớn make sense anyway!)

At the police station, Oscar và Crystal are questioned separately. Crystal is still going on about how ridiculous it is her ex is getting married so soon. While Oscar is nervous và starts asking weird questions like what if he has rat poison, acid, a spanner… the officer tells him there’s nothing wrong if he only has one of them.. But if he has all of that plus a gun, then Oscar is finished.


In the other interrogation room, the officer is growing sympathetic of Crystal as they cry together listening lớn her story. OK, point is, after everything, they’re released. Just as they’re leaving, Oscar forgets khổng lồ take the bag but when the officers want to give it back, he refuses to lớn take it. After going back and forth, the bag is dropped, revealing its contents.

Of course everything has a simple explanation! The ‘acid’ is just water, ‘rat poison’ is candy, ‘spanner’ is edible, ‘gun’ is a lighter & the ‘bomb’ is an alarm clock. Crystal explains they are new products for her company. So finally – all the misunderstandings are cleared up.

By the time they leave the police station, it’s dark already. Oscar tells her it’s too late, there’re no taxis nearby so they shouldn’t go. But Crystal insists & asks whether he knows how to lớn ride a bicycle.


Crystal rushes inside the wedding venue but the reception has already ended. She asks someone where the groom had gone & he tells her Merlion Park. She just decides lớn run there – with no shoes, while Oscar has no idea what’s going on và just runs after her. When she can’t run any further, he tells her khổng lồ stop. Why is she doing this?

Crystal: I really really really want lớn see him!



At the Merlion Park, they finally see her ex. She introduces Oscar as her boyfriend và he proposed to her today. She gives them the clock as a gift… (hrm… isn’t it bad luck lớn give a clock?! LOL. It’s lượt thích cursing someone to die!!!) Oscar suggests they take a photo together, while Crystal couldn’t keep her eyes off her ex. As they take the group photo, Crystal hangs onto her ex’s arm with tears in her eyes… The newlyweds then leave.


Oscar asks Crystal whether she’s ok. She doesn’t say anything và just hugs him as she cries.


Eventually they sit down & she talks about how they met. He was her first love. She didn’t have a boyfriend while she was studying & it was only when she started working in a large company that they were together.

Crystal: He told me he didn’t like getting married, didn’t lượt thích being restrained. He just didn’t want to lớn marry me. Ten years, it was all lượt thích a dream.

He asks her what he can vì chưng to cheer her up. When she replies: “Anything?” & he says – Yeah anything… She bit on his arm và he screams in pain.

She then tells him she’s ok now. He suggests that she should take a day off tomorrow, but she shot back – “Why? Of course not! Be on time tomorrow!”

At the office, Oscar arrives in a suit with a bunch of flowers. Even if he’s looking like that, she just tells him lớn get back to work. Just when he’s leaving, she asks him whether he is không tính phí today at 4pm?



Part 2 – Singapore’s theme tuy vậy is Jinny Ng’s Rest Note. Although I’m usually more picky in terms of female singers, I’m loving all of A Time of Love’s songs so far! (Since part 3: Korea’s tuy nhiên is sung by Linda Chung, will the final part have a male voice?!?)

 So when I saw the theme was đô thị / Metropolitan I wasn’t really sure what to lớn expect. I definitely wasn’t expecting so much wacky comedy which dominated most of this part. The comedy was a bit awkward since I didn’t find it… very funny? It really took a long time to lớn ‘get khổng lồ the point’, which is a concern since each part is so short already!

It was great khổng lồ see Kenneth và Charmaine together though. Kenneth is very solid in comedies while Charmaine nails it in the limited emotional scenes. The part where she was holding onto the groom’s arm, with tears in her eyes… TVB must be so glad khổng lồ have her ‘back’, even if it’s on different terms and a lot more money. But she’s definitely worth it.

Otherwise I don’t have much else to say about part 2. I probably enjoyed it the second time more than the first time I watched it because I knew what to expect và saw more of the details. Now that I think about it, it’s funny she gave her ex a clock and he was like – “OHHH thanks! You remember I love clocks!!!” but I’m thinking – she’s totally cursing you lớn die.

OK finally – if Raymond Lam did film this? Hrm. I think Kenneth Ma was more suited to the role!? :O