Bảo Tàng Phụ Nữ Hà Nội

The VWM is centrally located on Ly Thuong Kiet Street, near Hoan Kiem Lake và the Old Quarter on the most ancient street in the capital đô thị with many French-style buildings. Here, visitors will learn about the roles of Vietnamese women through the amazing và impressive exhibitions.

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The women’s stories in the whole country are simple, but insightful. Love, sacrifices, và silent contributions khung the temperament, beauty và importance of Vietnamese women và their crucial roles in the past, present and future. The museum has been collecting, preserving & introducing these values, và heritages to lớn domestic và international visitors in hope that everyone will love, respect và be proud of Vietnamese women!

Vietnam Festival of Creativity và Design 2020

This year, the Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design 2020 will celebrate Vietnamese creativity through a series of online and offline activities.


Permanent Exhibition

Discover more diversified information and attractive stories about culture và history related to Vietnamese women through our exhibitions!


“I have a lot of admiration for the skillful & hard-working Vietnamese women”

Madam Suga Mariko, the Japanese Prime Minister’s spouse, conveyed her great admiration for Vietnamese women during her visit to lớn the Vietnamese Women’s Museum (VWM) on October 19th.


Museum’s collections

Distinct collections are reflected through Vietnamese women’s history, & their important contributions made to build và develop the nation.

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The weekend is always a great time lớn enjoy art. For the Museum Week theme “Art is Everywhere,” we decided lớn introduce the image of a smiling woman from the Lolo Hoa ethnic group in Vietnam. She is wearing a traditional costume made with the applique technique, representing the beauty and ingenuity of her people.

"Eureka" - a famous exclamation attributed lớn the Greek mathematician Archimedes has been a familiar expression when it comes khổng lồ celebrating new discoveries, inventions & creativity. It is also one of the themes of this year’s Museum Week. We will tell you a story with a “eureka factor,” which shows how skillful and talented Vietnamese people were during the wartime.

With the spirit "All for the front, all for the nation"s victory", nun Dam Duyen in nam giới Ngan, Thanh Hoa province volunteered to lớn be a courier twice though bonzes did not need lớn take part in the movement lớn carry food & weapon and other things to lớn the Dien Bien Phu Campaign.

This exhibit is expected lớn be the starting point to lớn encourage Vietnamese men khổng lồ participate in similar forums to tóm tắt men’s issues as well as khổng lồ help promote gender equality in Vietnam.

Madam Suga Mariko, the Japanese Prime Minister’s spouse, conveyed her great admiration for Vietnamese women during her visit lớn the Vietnamese Women’s Museum (VWM) on October 19th.

On the morning of October 8th, the Hanoi International Women Club (HIWC) hosted the sự kiện “ Vision Award for Inspiring Women” at the VWM.