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We’re human and it’s naturalfor us khổng lồ have fears. It’s reciprocal with hopes và it’s inevitable. We have fears becausewe have hopes; we have hopes therefore we have fears; yeah, something like thatI guess. Even when it comes lớn love. In particular, when it comes khổng lồ love. Loveis hope, as well as fear. It’s complicated. And even though people aresearching for simplicity, they’re also subconsciously attracted to lớn complexity.What can give people more complexity than love? I guess there’s nothing. Thisleads lớn today’s tuy nhiên for Male SpecialPart 1: Band of Brothers, which is also the last selected song of Big Bang,titled “Let’s Not Fall in Love (우리사랑하지 말아요)”. Well, even superstars and those people on đứng đầu arehaving their fears toward love. Even those people under the spotlight are justhuman.

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“Let’s not fall in love, we don’tknow each other very well yet. Actually, I’m a little scared, therefore I’msorry. Let’s not make promises, you never know when tomorrow comes. But when Isay that I like you, I really mean it.
” –Big Bang, Let’s Not Fall in Love (우리사랑하지말아요)
On August 5th 2015, Big Bangreleased “E”, the last single album before releasing the full album “MADE”.“Let’s Not Fall in Love (우리사랑하지 말아요)” was released as the second single from “E” (eighthsingle in total from “MADE” series). The pop hip-hop ballad track was writtenby G-Dragon & Teddy. GD & Teddy put a narration part nearthe kết thúc of the song, where there’s a female voice saying words in Korean means“You’re always like this, a selfish bastard.” In the middleof it, there’s an unclear male voice. The fascinating thing is, we can clearlyhear what the male voice is saying if we play the song backwards, và he saysin English, “It’s not you. It’s me.”
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I really love the lyrics of“Let’s Not Fall in Love (우리사랑하지 말아요)”. It is so, hmmm, how vày I put it, real? Yeah, Iguess everybody has ever felt things written in these lyrics at some point intheir lives. It is when you feel attracted khổng lồ someone, you get closer to lớn thatperson each day, you feel excited yet at the same time you feel scared too. Youdon’t want to lớn spoil the moment, the present time, therefore you repress allkinds of attachment that might harm the future. “Don’t ask me anything, I can’t give you any answer. We are happy justas we are right now. Don’t try lớn own me, let’s just stay lượt thích this for awhile. Why should we make it more painful?” Hence, who are we trying todeceive here? Everyone else, that person, or just ourselves? Love hurts at somepoint, it is inevitable. Yet that can’t be a reason to lớn push everyone away, justbecause we feel like we don’t deserve lớn fall in love. We can’t keep anyonefrom harm. “Don’t smile at me. If I getattached lớn you, I’ll get sad, because I’m afraid that pretty smile will turninto tears. Don’t try to lớn trap us in the word of love, because it is greed thatcan’t be fulfilled.”
Love brings not onlyhappiness but also sadness, it is known. Lượt thích two sides of a coin, they bothcome together in one package called love. People are aware of the risks, yetthey just can’t live without it. It’s like eating spicy food; you know yourstomach will get sick, yet you eat it anyway, since it’s delicious. It’s likewatching horror movie; you know you will get scared, yet you watch it anyway,since it’s exciting. “Goodbyes after ourfrequent meetings, repetition of broken hearts, I can’t find a purpose in thesefoolish feelings. Mistakes with the mask of love, all the feelings are the samenow. But in this moment, I want you to stay.” No matter how tired peopleget with the game of love, they will never get enough of it, it is given. Nomatter how many times people say that they have had enough of complication,they will always look for it, it is in their subconscious. We need someone tostay, after all. “At first, it was halfexcitements and half worries. But in the end, it became an obligation, trialsand errors. Day by day, I get nervous, your innocence is too much pressure onme. But tonight, I want you khổng lồ stay.”

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There are many reasons whypeople have those fears và give up any possible way of expecting something.One of them is the past. Perhaps they’ve been hurt before, và been broken,which in result they tend khổng lồ run away when things get hard or complicated, ordeep. Perhaps they’re just afraid of themselves. “Don’t expect too much from me, I don’t wanna thua trận you either. Beforethings get too deep, before you get hurt, don’t trust me.” People find ithard to xuất hiện up their hearts, so they tend to choose an easy way by repressingany needs regarding khổng lồ love; sublimation. No strings attached, no promises, butis it no cry, really? “Let’s not fall inlove, we don’t know each other very well yet. Actually, I’m a little scared,therefore I’m sorry. Let’s not make promises, you never know when tomorrowcomes. But when I say that I like you, I really mean it.” Love takescourage. We can’t promise forever happiness, yet we can effort to lớn fighttogether even during the sadness. It’s the essence of life anyway, right?Despite all fears that it brings, we can’t just give up hopes. & the questionis, when will you stop being a selfish bastard?
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A music đoạn clip for “Let’s NotFall in Love (우리사랑하지 말아요)” was premiered on Mnet on August 4th 2015. The video clip showcased personal stories of all BigBang’s members, where they’re getting cozy & comfortable hanging out with a certain girl yet unwilling to lớn take therelationship into the next level of commitment. Usually, I’m nota music-video person. However, I can’t help but falling in love with this one.All members look so gorgeous & unbearably cute! Well, all four of thepromised single albums had already released. We’re still waiting for the fullstudio album khổng lồ be released, soon, hopefully. & I’m willing lớn bet anythingthat it will turn out magnificent!
“Don’t expect too much from me, Idon’t wanna thất bại you either. Before things get too deep, before you get hurt,don’t trust me.” –Big Bang, Let’sNot Fall in Love (우리사랑하지말아요)