The singer will release "National Anthem" as the fourth cut lớn be lifted from her debut album Born to Die on July 8.

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Del Rey previously confirmed the release of the track after she was forced khổng lồ postpone a gig in the US, so she could film the accompanying music video.

To date, Born khổng lồ Die has sold over 500,000 copies in the UK & has total worldwide sales of 2 million.

The collection has also spawned international hits "Video Games", "Born khổng lồ Die" và "Blue Jeans", which have accumulated over 2 million single sales across the globe.

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Del Rey won her first Ivor Novello award in London yesterday (May 17), when "Video Games" claimed the "Best Contemporary Song" accolade at the ceremony.

Listen khổng lồ Lana Del Rey"s "National Anthem" below:

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