Note 20 Ultra Và Note 20 Ultra 5G

Galaxy Noteđôi mươi Ultra6.9" edge Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X Infinity-O Display (3088x1440)496 ppiHDR10+ certified120Hz refresh rate
*Measured diagonally, Galaxy Note20"s screen kích thước is 6.7" in the full rectangle và 6.6" with accounting for the rounded corners và Galaxy Notetrăng tròn Ultra"s screen form size is 6.9" in the full rectangle & 6.8" with accounting for the rounded corners; actual viewable area is less due to lớn the rounded corners and camera hole.*120Hz display only available on Galaxy Note20 Ultra.

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công nghệ Bluetooth không dây enabledLithium Titanate Battery: Up to 24 hours of battery standby timePressure levels: 4096Pen tip diameter: 0.7 mmIP68
*S Pen"s operable distance extends approximately 30 feet from the device in open space. Control range may vary depending on surroundings & other factors.*Using S Pen as a stylus does not require battery power. Actual battery life may vary depending on usage patterns và other factors.*IP68 rating is based on chạy thử conditions for submersion in up to 5 feet of freshwater for up khổng lồ 30 minutes. Rinse residue/dry if wet.*Air actions support may vary by ứng dụng.

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1 12MP Ultra Wide CameraPixel size: 1.4μmFOV: 120˚F.No (aperture): F2.22 12MP Wide-angle CameraSuper Speed Dual Pixel AF, OISPixel size: 1.8μm FOV: 79˚F.No (aperture): F1.81/1.76" image sensor size3 64MP. Telepholớn CameraPixel size: 0.8μmFOV: 76˚F.No (aperture): F2.0
1 12MP. Ultra Wide CameraPixel size: 1.4μmFOV: 120˚F.No (aperture): F2.22 108MP.. Wide-angle CameraPDAF, OISPixel size: 0.8μmFOV: 79˚F.No (aperture): F1.81/1.33" image sensor size3 12MP. Telephoto lớn CameraPixel size: 1.0μmFOV: 20˚F.No (aperture): F3.04tia laze AF SensorSpace Zoom5x Optical ZoomUp lớn 50x Super Resolution Zoom
*Galaxy Note20"s Hybrid Optic Zoom combines high-resolution image sensor và lens.*Super Resolution Zoom includes digital zoom, which may cause some image deterioration.*Laser AF sensor is used to lớn enhance the AF performance in cthua range & low light environments.
*The format and amount of Single Take results may differ based on original capture. Results may also differ between rear and front camera captures.*Scene Optimizer supports 30 modes: Face, Baby, Person, Dog, Cat, Food, People, Beaches, Sky, Mountain, Sunset, Sunrise, City, Snow, Waterfall, Watersides, Scenery, Stage, Vehicles, Drinks, Flowers, Trees, Greenery, Animal, Shoes, Backlit, Indoor, Text, Clothes, Night view.*Accuracy of Scene Optimizer và Flaw Detection may differ depending on shooting conditions including multiple subjects, being out of focus, or moving subjects.*Blink and blur detection works best when there are three or fewer people in the frame, 5 feet or closer to the camera.*Lens smudge and backlighting detection notifies once every 24 hours if flaw is detected. Backlight detection works when HDR is turned off.*Super Slow-mo only supports HD resolution. Users can record approximately 1 second of đoạn phim captured at 480 fps và digitally enhance the Clip lớn 960 fps with approximately 32 seconds of playbachồng. Playbaông chồng time can be edited in Super Slow-mo player.
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