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My first hand experiences with the Wacom Intuos Photo Tablet, CTH-490 is the basis for this đánh giá of the all new Wacom Intuos Creative Pen & Touch Tablet line which also include the Wacom Intuos Art, Intuos Draw, and Intuos Comic.

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Wacom is the market leader in professional và entry màn chơi grade pen tablets & in my opinion the company is creating the best graphics tablets around.

Impressions of the Wacom Intuos Photo Creative Pen Tablet

The new Wacom Intuos Creative Pen Tablet line is extremely practical. It is a highly portable drawing tablet and it will fit nicely into any, or at least, most máy tính xách tay bags. It is even smaller than the previous Intuos Pen & Touch model.

The compact kích cỡ makes it easy to lớn use next lớn your máy vi tính or keyboard và especially if you are using the tablet instead of a mouse.

The new tablet has changed surprisingly much. It is a total rebuild and has little in common with the previous Intuos Pen and Touch line.

In some areas I think the product has improved & in others not so much.

So, let´s take a closer look at the Wacom Intuos Photo Creative Pen và Touch tablet.



The Intuos Photo tablet – CTH490The Wacom stylus3 extra pen nibsUSB cableDriver CDQuick start guide




Model overview & differences

At first this new Intuos Creative Pen Tablet series was quite confusing. The models are presented in a way that makes you think they are technically different from each other which is not the case, except for the following two exceptions.

The Intuos Draw tablet is not touch capableThe Intuos Art tablet is also available in the larger, medium version

The only difference is the màu sắc of the tablet frame and the accompanying software offerings!


The models

The new Wacom Intuos Creative Pen Tablet hàng hóa line consists of the following categories:

Intuos Draw – CTL490Intuos Art – CTH490Intuos Photo – CTH490Intuos Comic – CTH490

Difficult software choice

I actually found the software choice rather difficult. Most often you kết thúc up not using the accompanying software of this kind of gadget, but in this case all the software packages are quite compelling and useful & you can´t help but want it all.

The software offerings are mostly entry màn chơi editions but very useful nonetheless.

Personally, I was seriously torn between the Intous Art and the Intuos Photo tablets, but ended up choosing the Wacom Intuos Photo tablet because I think it offers the best software deal.

Imaginary (suggested) sản phẩm scenario

Due to lớn the fact that the tablets are technically identical I think that everyone, Wacom included, would be better off with one single hàng hóa available in small/medium and perhaps in 1-2 colors and then include a larger software package.

I would imagine that the saved cost from sale one instead of four hàng hóa categories would cover the cost of the extra software licenses. In my opinion this would present a stronger product.

Overview of accompanying software

Intuos Draw:

ArtRage Lite: https://www.artrage.com/artrage-lite/

Intuos Art:

Corel Painter Essentials: http://www.painterartist.com/us/product/photo-effects/

Intuos Photo:

PaintShop Pro X8: http://www.paintshoppro.com/en/products/paintshop-pro/standard/


Corel Aftershot Pro 2: http://www.aftershotpro.com/en/products/aftershot-pro/

Intuos Comic:

Clip Studio Paint Pro: http://www.clipstudio.net/en

Smith Micro Anime Studio: http://my.smithmicro.com/anime-studio-2D-animation-software.html

The Pen

The first thing to lớn catch my attention was that the pen felt smaller và as it turns out it is indeed thinner than the previous Intuos Pen và Touch Stylus.

Another difference is the missing eraser tip on the rear end of the stylus.

Perhaps the missing eraser tip was a victim of cost optimization or perhaps it is a result of customer feedback. I have used Wacom pens for more than a decade và I can honestly say that, except for trying it out, I have no recollection of ever using this feature even once.

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It is so much faster lớn just assign the eraser function khổng lồ a hotkey & avoid having khổng lồ flip the pen lượt thích in the old days of wooden eraser pencils.

Material & feel

The tablet pen is made entirely of hard plastic which feels a little cheap. But as it turns out the pen feels very good in my hand & is actually less slippery than the previous Intuos Pen & Touch pen.

The pen seems sturdy & is easy khổng lồ clean due lớn the firm surface.

While I prefer the thicker and rubber padded tablet pens of the Intuos Pro series, this new pen is satisfactory.

▼ Comparison of Wacom pens. From the top: Intuos Pro, previous Intuos Pen & Touch, new Intuos Photo Pen and touch.


The tablet


The responsiveness when using the pen in drawing & painting applications is mostly fine. However, I am experiencing some inconsistency ranging from perfect responsiveness to lớn periodic lag.

Tablet kích cỡ and resolution

As mentioned, the kích cỡ of this tablet makes it extremely practical và portable. The tradeoff is that the tablet frame is too narrow for your hand to rest comfortably on the tablet itself at full resolution.

However, this issue is slightly less pronounced on this tablet because the edge is now rounder than on the previous model and you can move your hand on & off the tablet with less resistance.

Another way lớn fix this issue is to scale down the active tablet area which can be done very easily in the driver interface. As you can see on the image below this produces more space for your hand to lớn rest on the tablet.

Obviously this has an impact on the resolution of the tablet, but I feel that the tablet resolution is high enough to sacrifice some of it for a more comfortable use of the tablet.

The image below is an example of resizing và repositioning of the active area▼


Pen/tablet contact resistance

The pen/tablet tương tác is very good indeed. In my opinion the màn chơi of resistance is perfect on my Intuos Photo tablet.

In recent years Wacom has moved towards creating a màn chơi of resistance that is supposed to simulate the sensation of pencil on paper.

Whether artists and painters have liked this direction, I can´t say. But as someone who mainly uses the Wacom as a mouse replacement và the occasional drawing và painting tasks, I am not too crazy about the increased level of pen resistance.

Also, a high resistance màn chơi wears down the pen nibs incredibly fast. Using my Intuos Pro 4 và Intuos 2 tablets as an example the Intuos 4 tablet was the first mã sản phẩm to use this new cấp độ of resistance & I can tell the wear on a new pen nib after even a few hours use.

With my older Intuos 2 tablet I swear I can´t tell that the nib has been used after using the tablet on & off for several years.