Similarities Between Keira Knightley And Natalie Portman In "Star Wars" And Real Life

While many would think they are unique, it is likely that somewhere in the world, there is at least one other person that bears a striking resemblance to lớn you. Celebrities are also not immune to this fact. Some giới thiệu the same style, while others have similar physical features. The likes of Keira & Natalie could almost pass as twins. But are Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman related?

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She went to lớn Teddington School before joining Esher College for her A-levels. However, she dropped out of college lớn pursue her career as an actress. Keira has been married to James Righton since 2013, và they have two kids.

She is famously known for appearing in both blockbusters & independent films. Her excellence và unmatched talent have bagged several accolades, including three British Academy Film Awards, two Academy Awards, và a Laurence Olivier.

Who is Natalie Portman?

Natalie is an Israeli-born American actress from Jerusalem. She was born Natalie Hershlag on 9th June 1981; therefore, she is 41 years old as of 2022. She is the only child of her parents, Shelley Stevens (mother) & Avner Hershlag (father).

Natalie went khổng lồ Charles E Smith Jewish Day School in Rockville, Maryland, while living in Washington, DC. She joined Solomon Schechter Day School of Nassau County after relocating to lớn Connecticut. Later, she enrolled at the Usdan Center for the Creative và Performing Arts.


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She began her career as a child mã sản phẩm before joining the acting industry. Apart from being Keira Knightley look alike, she is famous for her appearances in several highly-acclaimed movies và TV shows. She has also received several awards, such as a Screen Actors Guild Award, an Academy Award, & a British Academy Film Award.

Are Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman related?

Natalie Portman attends the "Thor: Love & Thunder" photocall at Villa Agrippina Gran Meliá khách sạn in Rome, Italy. Photo: Franco OrigliaSource: Getty Images

No, they are not related. Even though Natalie & Keira Knightley look alike, they don’t have any blood relations. People started myphamlilywhite.comparing the two actresses in 199 after the release of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

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In the show, Natalie starred as Queen Padme, while Keira starred as Queen Padme's handmaiden, Sabe. While the show airing, Natalie was only 16 while Keira was 12. Due to lớn their close resemblance, the two switched roles during crises where Sabe dressed as the Queen, và the Queen wore the handmaiden's clothes.


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Similarities between Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman

Keira and Natalie have a few things in myphamlilywhite.common. These include:

1. Marriage life

The two are married with two children. Natalie exchanged her wedding vows with Benjamin Millepied, a French choreographer and dancer. They have two children, Aleph (born in 2011) and Amelia (born in 2017).

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Similarly, Keira is married to James Righton, a renowned British musician. The couple has been blessed with two daughters, Edie (born in 2015) và Delilah (born in 2019).

2. Film appearances

Are there any Keira Knightley & Natalie Portman movies together? Yes, the two talented actresses have shared the stage in several films & TV shows. For instance, they appeared together in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (Episode 1).

Differences between Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman

There are several differences between the two talented actresses, & they include:


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1. Age
Keira Knightley attends the Chanel Haute Couture Fall Winter 2022 2023 show as part of Paris Fashion Week in Paris, France. Photo: Kristy SparowSource: Getty Images

Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman's age is a key difference between the two American actresses. Keira Portman is 37 years old as of 2022, while Natalie Portman is 41 years old as of 2022. So there is a four-year gap between them.

2. Origin

Keira is an English actress born in the London suburb of Teddington. Her parents are Will Knightley (father) & Sharman Macdonald (mother). On the other hand, Natalie is an Israeli-born American actress. She was born in Jerusalem to Shelley Stevens (mother) & Avner Hershlag (father). Her Jewish parents’ roots are in Poland, Russia and Austria.

3. Body toàn thân measurements

Even though Keira & Natalie have similar facial features, they are not identical. Some of the differences in the body toàn thân measurements include:


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4. Film appearances

Even though they starred in the same show, Keira Knightley Star Wars actress and Natalie have starred in numerous movies & TV shows over the years. For instance, Keira in:

Bend it lượt thích Beckham Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the black Pearl The Imitation trò chơi Princess of Thieves The Children’s Hour Never Let Me Go

On the other hand, Natalie has appeared in:

Thor: The Dark World No Strings Attached Leon: The Professional The Diary of a Young Girl The Other Boleyn Girl đen Swan
5. Current whereabouts
James Righton & Keira Knightley attend the first performance of ABBA "Voyage" at ABBA Arena in London, England. Photo: Dave J HoganSource: Getty Images

As of 2022, the two actresses have followed different career paths. However, Natalie has remained active in acting, offers more interviews, is active on social media, especially on Instagram, and returned to lớn the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Thor: Love & Thunder.

On the other hand, Keira gives very few truyền thông media interviews; she has kept her personal life off social truyền thông and has had minimal roles in high-profile projects. Her latest project was in the show Silent Night in 2021.

Keira Knightley và Natalie Portman's fast facts

Who are Keira Knightley và Natalie Portman? Keira is a renowned English actress from London, while Natalie is an Israeli-born American actress from Jerusalem. Is Natalie Portman related to Keira Knightley? No, she is not related to lớn Keira. The duo has a striking resemblance but is not related khổng lồ each other. Vị Natalie Portman and Keira look lượt thích each other? Yes, Natalie and Keira have several things in myphamlilywhite.common.Who is older, Natalie Portman or Keira Knightley? Natalie is four years older than Keira. Natalie is 41 years (born on 9th June 1981), while Keira is 37 years (born on 26th March 1985).Who is Keira Knightley confused with? Keira is confused with Israeli-born American actress Natalie Portman. Who plays Padme in Star Wars? English actress Keira Knightley plays the role of Queen Padme in Star Wars. Apart from Keira, who is Natalie mistaken for? The actress is also mistaken for Giada De Laurentis, Millie Bobby Brown, & Emily Ratajkowski. Is it true that Keira Knightley looks like Winona Ryder? No, it is not true. Keira Knightley looks lượt thích Natalie Portman, while Winona Ryder looks like Millie Bobby Brown.

Are Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman related? No, the two are not related. However, they bear a striking resemblance khổng lồ one another, hence why some fans mistake themi for siblings. Keira is an English actress from London, while Natalie is an Israeli-born American actress from Jerusalem. shared an interesting article about Migos. The Migos is among the best và most talented American musical groups. They are an American hip hop trio from Lawrenceville, Georgia, where they were all raised together.

The Migos related are related. Offset & Quavo are cousins, while Quavo is Takeoff's uncle. Away from the group, the trio has engaged in a solo career but still myphamlilywhite.come together to make music as a group.

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