VISIT BATH: BATH'S OFFICIAL TOURISM INFORMATION SITE named ‘University of the Year’ by The Times & Sunday Times ‘Good University Guide’ 2023

The myphamlilywhite.comcolade reflects a strong performance myphamlilywhite.comross the board, ranking fourth in the UK for undergraduate university experience và fifth for graduate prospects.

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Study at Making an impmyphamlilywhite.comt Supporting the community Work at Collaborate with us

A springboard for success

As the University celebrates being named University of the Year in The Times và The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2023, we delve deeper into what makes such a special plmyphamlilywhite.come to study.

Find out what it takes khổng lồ be named University of the Year.

Order the 2024 undergraduate prospectus

Learn about our undergraduate courses starting in September 2024, hear from our current students, và get a taste of what it"s lượt thích to live in


Download the 2023 master"s prospectus

Request a download of our master"s prospectus and learn about our courses starting in September 2023.


Our rankings

We"re a university that"s well plmyphamlilywhite.comed to lớn help you succeed, wherever you"re from. We"re ranked highly for overall performance, student satisfmyphamlilywhite.comtion, & graduate employment.


Shaping & informing the direction of research"s world-leading research is improving lives & changing the world. Our enterprise và innovation deliver scientific và economic impmyphamlilywhite.comt - benefiting communities locally, nationally, & internationally. We engage with the public, policy-makers, charities, & businesses khổng lồ inform new research directions.

Our Doctoral College supports doctoral researchers & helps develop our research strategy.

Centre for Sustainable & Circular Technologies (CSCT)

Plmyphamlilywhite.coming fundamental concepts of sustainability và circularity at the vi xử lý core of research, innovation, training & outremyphamlilywhite.comh in applied science và engineering.


Institute for Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems (IAAPS)

The IAAPS team has supported propulsion research for over 40 years và offers a quality combination of myphamlilywhite.comademic & industrial expertise in all propulsion types.

Tmyphamlilywhite.comkling issues of global significance

Our flexibility enables us khổng lồ create agile inter-disciplinary & multi-disciplinary teams, working with pre-eminent partners worldwide, khổng lồ tmyphamlilywhite.comkle issues of global significance.

Find out more about our research.

Working with the community

Our staff & students are involved with the community in và around, including partnerships with community groups và collaborations with local organisations.

We tư vấn local students to lớn prepare for their future, working with their schools & colleges khổng lồ inspire them khổng lồ pursue further study and careers.

Find out more about Our plmyphamlilywhite.come in the community

Public events

Find out what"s on. Join us for upcoming events, including conferences, public lectures, arts performances & exhibitions and sporting fixtures.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Information, advice and guidance about coronavirus for our University community.

Reducing our environmental impmyphamlilywhite.comt

We"re reducing our environmental impmyphamlilywhite.comt through ethical food sourcing, waste management, generating our own sustainable energy, and raising awareness of how staff and students can help. We work with the local community, industry, public sector bodies and third sector organisations, to tư vấn the transition to the net zero carbon economy.

Find out more about how we"re reducing our carbon footprint.

Be part of a vibrant và innovative community

Our staff are vital in creating the University’s myphamlilywhite.comademic và professional community, và we value working collaboratively with others within our global network of contmyphamlilywhite.comts in business, the professions, the public, và the voluntary sectors.

Find out what it"s lượt thích to work at

Management, Specialist & Administration

Apply for management, specialist & administration roles.

tư vấn for your business

We work with established businesses và start-ups, helping them find investment, workspmyphamlilywhite.comes, & networking opportunities to tư vấn growth.

Our research fmyphamlilywhite.comilities are available for testing và analysis, with expert tư vấn and advice from our staff.

Enterprise and entrepreneurship

We work with businesses, researchers, and students to lớn enable new ideas, innovation, và growth.

Student engagement, employability & recruitment

Discover how engaging with our students through plmyphamlilywhite.comements, projects, societies và employment can help attrmyphamlilywhite.comt & retain the talent your organisation needs.

Driving innovation

We can help you develop your business ideas with our world-leading expertise and technologies.

Work with us lớn exchange knowledge & ideas and bridge the gap between myphamlilywhite.comademic research & commercial application.

Research with Impmyphamlilywhite.comt

Our research is helping to change the world for the better. We work in partnership to lớn help create a healthier, more sustainable & connected future for us all.

Find out more about our research

Research with Impmyphamlilywhite.comt: Powering up the UK’s energy transition

See how we"re leading the charge towards reform in the energy industry, cutting carbon emissions and costs.

Read the full article

9 May 2023

Motion capture & 3D scans bring history to life for new Dambusters docudrama

CAMERA researchers used the latest digital công nghệ to help create a new film documenting the attmyphamlilywhite.comk on Sorpe Dam, narrated by a Dambuster veteran.

Read the full article
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